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Sideways By Racer News 2015

With a click on the Sideways by Racer logo your reaches the website and there you can see the Sideways by Racer slot cars 2015.

Sideways by Racer Neuheiten 2015

In the first half of 2015, there are coming 7 new models .These are: Porsche 935 / 77A Jägermeister, Porsche Moby Dick JDAVID, Porsche Kremer 935K2 Vaillant, Porsche Kremer 935K2, Porsche Moby Dick JPS Limited Edition, 512BB NART and the Ford Capri Zakspeed Sachs The new slot cars for the second half of the year are not 100 percent sure. This should be an IMSA Mustang, a Porsche 935K4 and a BMW 320 group 5.